Ho Chi Minh City University of Education is a higher education institution that influences and contributes to the development of teacher training institutions in the Southern region as well as the whole country. In addition to teaching and retraining duties, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education also implements the online learning system (also called E-learning), which is a form of learning that uses connection network to serve learning, taking resources, exchanging communication between students and teachers.

The E-Portal of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education was built in early 2017 and put into operation since September 2019, to support four types of training programs, including: Student Training, Teacher Training, Staff Training, and Public Training (MOOC), in which online courses are designed and developed based on the model. Active Collaborative e-Learning Framework (ACeLF) proposed by a group of senior experts of the school. Courses include self-study, group learning and collaborative learning with a resource and learning materials, abundant and diverse to create the attraction and stimulate the learning motivation of online learners.

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